Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Napolean is a five year old male, and son fo Bob and my neighbors Blue Heeler, bred to be a cow dog, but never really worked on the ranch. He is quite and a little shy around people typical of the heeler breed. But excellent obedience and loves to travel.

He has eaten raw meat all of his life, has been on numerous blood trails since being a puppy, and found several deer.

I am asking $500 for him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little Ray

Born August of 06, he is well traveled, well bred, well built, and easy to handle. Little Ray is not long range enough to be a hog dog and really not that interested in hogs or cattle, but he knows a blood trail and will make every effort to please, if you are bringing him to the point of impact, and unleash him.

He is easy going, house broke, loads up, will guard your truck when you go to town and he will guard your deer from anyone or any other dog near the kill site. He works well off-leash, and will check back with you if the deer is already dead, and will bay if not dead. Might even try to catch the deer should it get up and try to run. I suggest you work him off leash, because if he is loose, he will guard the kill with fiercity, and jump on a coyote who tries to take his prize deer.

Excellent obedience to anyone who gives him a good home, and great with children.

Double glass eyed, Yellow Leopard

At 4 years old he is in the prime of his life, and you could not ask for a better blood dog or personal security/pet, guard dog.

I am asking $1,000 and considering his background and working abilities, he is worth twice that.